April 27, 2017

Official visit by the Deputy Commissioner, Churachandpur

Deputy Commissioner of Churachandpur R Sudhan and his team, comprising of officials from some major departments and the DRDA pay a visit to Behiang PHC

September 20, 2016

Community participation has help improved health centre

The Primary Health Centre used to organised different types of activities within and outside the premises. Community participation has a prominent place in the health centre. Participation is not only promoted in the context of provision and utilization of health services but also in advocacy and inclusion in different activities. Participation of community members in health care is not new, but in the context of this particular health centre, it is a new practice which the community extensively appreciates.

September 12, 2016

News in picture: Renovation and after

It was 16th October 2014 when I joined the State Health service as a Medical Officer. I was posted at Behiang PHC and it was my first posting as a professional medical officer. Along with the minimal staff posted there, we stationed ourselves at Behiang on 20th Oct 2014. There, I saw the plight of the people because the hospital has been abandoned and inactive for many years. After renovating the infrastructures and re-organizing the medical equipments to fit the condition of the hospital, the team started providing Out Patient Service with no supply of medicine. 

Needless to say, the delivery of primary health care in the most interior part of the country is complex and challenging. As an incharge medical officer of the PHC, I took to this matter seriously and held series of meetings and discussions with my fellow doctors, staffs, village chiefs, local church leaders, local organizations and other like-minded individuals. As a result of the discussions, we started to seek the help of local representatives like the Autonomous District Council Members, Members of Legislative Assembly and contractors working in the area.