November 27, 2017

Manipur ah Behiang PHC hoipen in kamu

MO Pu Steve Minlun in a etkol leh asepna Singngat Sub-division sunga um Behiang PHC kavamu in kakipaahna lienpi hingtun leh ngaituana tampi hing neilawsah hi.

Ei Zodawn a tambang a changkang leh etlawm PHC (zatou inn)ana umpen abial MLA, MDC leh amipi adia kisahtheipi kham ching in kamu a, adiah tah in mipi akim avel aten jong napi tah a phattuampi ahidan jong theisuo in um hi. Tuoban ah Border aum ahina toh Myanmar gam a eimi tamtah injong aphattuam dan agen uh kaza a kaki sahtheipi mama hi.

Dr. Pu Steve panlahdan leh kukaldante jong kamu a patat huoi kasa mama a, tambang Dr.fel leh taima kava mu in thathawna tampi hing neilaw sah in kathei hi.

November 16, 2017

KAYAKALP AWARD: "Against all odds" --- From Zero to Top


(Recalling back in 2014 we never dream to stand here, No toilet, we sleep on the floor etc , Sadananda Moirangmayum Rame Loukrakpam). Dedicated to all the Hard working Staff of Behiang PHC
Dedicated to Ginsuanhau Gs HaupuRakesh Balwal Shyam Poonia Dr Jamthianlal Valte Dr Kim Simte Zenngaih Lun Langel Kim Zou Chinkhan Shyam for their utmost guidance and support

Intensified Mission Indradhanush on the move

Best Officer Award by the District Administration, Churachandpur

Dedicated to the poor and downtrodden who are unable to bear expense even for just a minor illness.

This award is an acknowledgement for the dedication and perseverance you have shown towards your service over your family,the times you were truly missed back home....but yes you have made Us really proud hubby darlingand we are basking in the glow of your success👍....To God be the GLoRy and Honour, Amen!!! ~ your sweet darling Kim Zou 

On Duty: Home Away from Home